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A Dog House Is Not The Answer...

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

If you're taken in by the adoring lovable little face of a dog; and you want to adopt... make sure you're available to take the time needed for his/her care. Dogs are NOT outdoor animals. Just like humans, they require the proper heating and cooling of an indoor dwelling, and protection from the elements; a dog house is not the answer. Outside is for running, playing and going "potty", not for living out there.

Also take into consideration, that they need your time... time to interact with play, snuggling, walks, whatever. If interaction is taken away from a dog, they suffer; and can result in behavioral disorders such as separation anxiety and depression... yes, dogs can suffer from depression very similarly to the way humans suffer.

If your job keeps you away from the house all hours of the day and night; or your lifestyle is such, that the dog is left alone more often than not; consider doggie daycare, dog sitters or dog walkers.

If those are not options for you, then please, don't get a dog. Do the dog a favor, and let someone else adopt... someone whose schedule allows them to keep the dog happy and healthy.

Thank you for considering adoption... and most importantly, thank you for realizing, beforehand, if you're not able to provide the care and attention a dog needs.

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