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Animal Cancer

Hi guys. I'm not one for advertising or promoting all kinds of companies and products, because I, myself, don't appreciate all the ads that are "in my face" all the time; but THIS is important...

Cancer is a devastating disease. A disease that thankfully, modern medicine seems to be winning the war against.

The problem is that it doesn't just afflict people, it also plagues animals. The Morris Animal Foundation was founded in 1948 by a veterinarian whose mission was to 'advance the health of animals by bridging science and resources' together.

Any gift you can give would greatly be appreciated by all the endearing suffering pets in the world; and by the humans who are so aggressively and desperately trying to eradicate this dreadful disease once and for all. No living being should ever have to endure any type of cancer.

Your donation to the MORRIS ANIMAL FOUNDATION will be MATCHED by the Blue Buffalo Foundation, now through May 31st, and up to $75,000. Please open your hearts and your wallets and help today. Please, lets rid our four legged babies of this deadly disease.

You can give online:

Thank you for your time and your gifts:)

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