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Doggie Obesity

Sometimes pet owners don't stop to think of the consequences of a dog being overweight. But the problems that arise when a dog is overweight, are very similar and just as dangerous, as when a human is overweight. Doggie obesity can lead to a shorter lifespan, increased risk of cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes.

Yes, it's hard to resist those adorable little faces when they beg for treats; but do them a favor and please do resist. When our dog was starting to put on a few extra pounds, not only did we start limiting the treats; but we changed to the smallest treat we could find on the market!

Also with our vet's permission, we gave the occasional carrot instead. The number of walks increased, and not only did she lose weight, but so did we... double the reward!!

And please take them for their annual checkups. I can't stress enough, how important this is... after all, I'm sure we all want our pets to live very long healthy happy lives:)

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