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Put March 24th on your Calendar

My inlaws' dog used to eat everything.... and I mean EVERYTHING that wasn't food! The house was cleared of all items that seemed dangerous to him. Well, one day he got very sick and had to be rushed to the after hours vet hospital. There, an xray found that he had an obstruction... of toilet paper!

Surgery took care of the problem, but it could have been avoided if the bathroom door was kept closed (hindsight). Sometimes accidents happen, but obviously we'd rather avoid the accidents and the related fearful events that follow.

I can't stress enough, the dangers all around the house, to our animals. Please be a responsible pet parent, and pet proof your home.

Remember the top pet toxins...

And on Thursday March 24th, please join in on the ASPCA Poison Prevention Twitter Chat.

We thank you, and your pets thank you:)

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