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Top Pet Toxins

If you're like us, and like most pet parents, you probably feed your dog, people food! One day our poor dog started having seizures and when we took her to the vet, he couldn't find any

neurological problems, or any other health issues... good, but also bad that we still had no answers.

We started keeping track of everything she ate; and by the process of elimination, realized she was reacting to something in our breakfast cereal that we shared with her. We felt just awful that we were the ones making her sick, but at least we now had our answer, and were able to stop the seizures forever.

Don't learn the hard way, like we did... please don't feed your dogs people food; and if you do, please stop. Here's the list of top pet toxins as reported by the ASPCA:!in-the-news/lnwla

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