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It was Thanksgiving and we embarked on the longest two hour trip of our lives. Puppie, our cocker spaniel, jumped off the bed, landing too hard and damaged a disk in his back.  


Instead of celebrating the holiday with family, we were driving to Cornell University's animal hospital where Puppie would have emergency surgery and spend the next week.


We called every day to check up on him.  We were told not to expect him to be able to use his back legs again; he would need to use a doggie walker the rest of his life; he couldn't lift his head; and we might want to consider putting him down.


OMG... there's no way we would even comtemplate the latter.  He's our "baby".


On the seventh day, we made the trip again.  This time to pick up Puppie and bring him home.  We went to the reception desk, paid the bill, and waited.


They wheeled Puppie out on a stretcher.  When he saw us, he raised his head and wagged his tail.  The doctor couldn't believe it. She said he wasn't moving the whole week there, and now after seeing us, he was showing definite signs of progress...  

Puppie Love:) 


We refused the use of a doggie walker, and the next few months we carried him in and out of the house.


He would literally drag himself around the house; but he gradually got stronger and stronger, eventually making a full recovery.


He was walking, running and going up the steps again; but never allowed to jump off anymore furniture without our help...

for the love of Puppie!


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